​I absolutely love these classes, what a difference. Hadyn is a great PT, he's supportive and is happy to answer any questions. I won't be going anywhere else, EVER.

Rebecca, Crewkerne 

After having a number of personal training sessions with Hadyn, I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Very down to earth and personable, yet extremely professional.

Ade, Merriott

I've always found doing weights mind numbingly boring but Hadyn's classes are anything but. You will learn loads and I leave every session buzzing for the next one

Ryan, Crewkerne

Amazing coach, every class is challenging but Hadyn gives encouragement to push us all through.

Michelle, Crewkerne

Having never weight trained, I love it thanks to LIFT! The gym is spacious, the daily workouts are well varied and Hadyn is really supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic about individual progression.

Nicki, Crewkerne

Hadyn is an awesome trainer. He gives you little tips throughout the class and encourages you to increase the weight which gives you confidence to push yourself harder.

Susie, Yeovil

2 weeks of intermittent sessions and I'm already seeing gains, physically and mentally, I have struggled up until LIFT with motivation but with the group sessions and a supportive coach it makes it so rewarding and addictive. Diet advice on hand and after workout muscle care provided.

Nick, Crewkerne

Highly recommend, great classes, friendly people, great atmosphere and a top coach.

Joanna, Crewkerne

Hadyn is a great PT, i've never really done weight training before and he's been happy to teach me the basics and ensure my technique is correct. Having completed 3 weeks now I'm beginning to see the change, I certainly felt the change from the first class though!

James, Merriott

Fantastic classes. Positive attitude all round.

Samantha, Merriott

I would definitely recommend LIFT to anyone that is looking to get into shape. Love every session, I feel I have improved, great atmosphere and Hadyn is very helpful and friendly.

Simon, Crewkerne

Brilliant workout for all fitness levels. Just starting my fitness journey and don't feel like I'm holding anyone up as all workouts are scaled to your ability.

Emma, Crewkerne